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Continuing Education Funds

WRHA Continuing Education Fund

  • Contact number: 334-3433
  • Every nurse has access to a maximum of $500 per calendar year
  • Funding can be used to reimburse the cost of registration fees/tuition/unpaid days off work to attend educational sessions.

To get further information the following link will take you to the WRHA website continuing education fund:

Education Leave

Collective agreement article number 2407 - Education Leave

(c) Employer Sponsored Education Development

A nurse shall be granted, upon written request funding up to a maximum of $200 annually, to attend approved workshops, courses, and other programs that are relevant to nursing practice. Such requests must be submitted to the senior nursing manager or designate prior to attendance at such program. The $200 allowance referenced herein shall be for reimbursement of tuition or registration and recommended/required books and shall occur upon satisfactory completion of the workshop, course, or educational program.

  • Nurse must complete a request for time off to attend a course and be approved
  • Nurse must complete request for Approval for Professional Development forms (available from the Nursing Resource Coordinators/Team Managers) before attending the educational opportunity. This form is submitted to the NRC/TM and will be returned to the nurse once authorized.
  • After completion of the educational session the nurse completes an Expense Claim Form and submits it along with original authorized Request for Professional Development form, proof of completion of the educational opportunity and all original receipts to their NRC/TM and a cheque will be issued to the nurse through WRHA finance.

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